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Ace your first Brazilian!!

Ace your first Brazilian!!
With a few insider tips you can make your first Brazilian wax a breeze! We asked our resident waxing queen, Caitlyn Monsees, to give you a list of her top 5 tips and tricks.

It’s the service that waxing newbies are most afraid to book, BUT here’s the thing, it is actually the most popular body waxing service! Which means it can’t be that bad!

With a few insider tips you can make your first Brazilian wax a breeze! We asked our resident waxing queen, Caitlyn Monsees, to give you a list of her top 5 tips and tricks. She says:

Caitlyn Blog PostShe says:

  1. Buff before you bare: Exfoliating before every wax is a must but people always forget that exfoliating and moisturizing go hand in hand; even down there. Exfoliating and moisturizing before and in between every wax will help to prevent ingrown hairs and make for a cleaner wax. (Ask us about our pineapple enzyme exfoliant).
  2. Hide your razors: Do not shave for at least 2 weeks in preparation for your wax. A good rule of thumb is the length of a grain of rice, or a quarter of an inch. Anything longer than an inch will need to be trimmed. Trimming during your appointment adds extra time, which results in a charge for this service. Save your bucks by just trimming at home before your appointment.
  3. Avoid feeling the burn: No working out for 24 hours after your Brazilian wax. Your pores will be open and very susceptible to bacteria. The rise in your body temperature combined with sweat makes for the perfect home for bacteria. Use this as an excuse to skip the gym; and maybe order pizza.
  4. Skip the stimulants: Caffeine and alcohol can make your skin particularly sensitive. Try to go 24 hours before your wax without these vices. If you can’t start your day without your coffee, book your wax first thing in the morning and reward yourself after.
  5. The mythical perfect wax: Your Brazilian will not be perfect after your first wax. Shaving makes your hair blunt and dense. Dense hairs can break off instead of being removed by the root during a wax. New growth is fine and has a smaller root, which is perfect for waxing. Hair also comes and goes in cycles just like the hair on your head. Repeated waxes received every four weeks will help to insure the alignment of these growth cycles for less growth in between.

There you have it ladies! Take a moment and a deep breath and book your first Brazilian Waxing Cary NC. We know you want to…

See you soon!


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