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Why Install a Dock Seal or Shelter in Your Loading System in North Carolina?

There are various reasons why dock shelters and seals must be installed in loading docks. This blog shows the top reasons why.

The loading dock is one of the busiest areas in a warehouse that helps generate revenues. This area must be productive and safe for workers. One way to achieve this goal is to install a dock seal or shelter in a loading system. 


The difference between a dock seal and a dock shelter


loading dock seal and a loading dock shelter differ in the manner in which they accomplish the task. Both of these loading dock equipment are tasked to seal the warehouse. 


Dock seals serve as boundaries between the surface of the backed-in trailer and the loading dock door opening when it is situated to load or unload assets. Dock seals serve as a bridge between the trailer surface at the door that forms a tight seal around the door. 


On the other hand, dock shelters have more flexibility as it permits the trailer to pull under and into the opening. At this time, a contact barrier is formed with the surface of the fabric. 


Reasons why dock seals and shelters must be installed


There are varied reasons why a dock seal and a dock shelter in Hickory, NC must be installed in a loading dock. Here are the top ones:


The loading dock has safer working conditions


One of the top reasons why dock seals and shelters need to be installed is that they promote safer working conditions in the loading dock. Rain is kept out and floors remain dry that prevents slip-and-fall injuries. 


These dock equipment also prevent the entry of bugs and pests into the warehouse that make people sick. Workers are prevented from falling from top areas when they try to swat away a fly or if they try to go away from a wasp. Dock seals and shelters prevent high winds from toppling workers as they unload or unload trucks. 


The loading dock has increased productivity


The proper installation of dock seals and shelters results in a very efficient workplace. Workers know they are safe and they do not have to worry when they load or unload goods. 


When workers have the confidence that their workplace is safe, they tend to move faster which results in more efficiency. 


Loading dock doors increase their lifespan


The dock doors of the warehouse always have their exterior parts exposed to the sun, wind, and rain. Exposure can result in a decrease in their useful lifespan. Installing dock seals and shelters minimize the impact of these harmful elements. 


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