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6 Common Audi 2.7T Engine Problems
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6 Common Audi 2.7T Engine Problems
The Audi 2.7T engine problems are sure to give real headache. You must have the issues detected and evaluated before they turn into serious consequences.

The Audi 2.7T biturbo (twin turbo) V6 30V DOHC engine was introduced in the B5 S4 in 1997 and ended production in the B6 A4 in 2003. This is not a long-lasting Audi engine, but the engine still has many features. It is a biturbo engine, producing 227 to 376 hp and 229 to 325 lb-ft with a variety of RS4 top switches. The Audi community has a love-hate relationship with these engines. Depending on the upkeep, some of them are known to run up to 300,000 miles.

Common Audi 2.7T Engine Problems

Ignition coil pack and spark plug failure

In many turbocharged engines, failure of the ignition coil pack is common. There will be six coil packages on the 2.7t, one for each cylinder. The spark plug may also fail in the coil pack. If there is a problem with your engine’s coil pack or spark plug, it will definitely fail. If multiple coil sets or spark plugs fail, your car may not start.

Natural wear is a major cause of ignition coil and spark plug failures. Unless the vehicle is tuned, it is very likely that one of these cases will result in only one or two stops during the life of the vehicle. If your car has been tuned or you want to tune it, you will have to replace it multiple times, unless you use the aftermarket route to purchase the cooling unit.

Premature water pump failure

The role of the water pump is to transfer coolant from the radiator to the engine and maintain the correct engine temperature. If you don’t add coolant, your car will overheat if the water pump fails.

If the water level is maintained, the water pump should operate between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. Therefore, the water pump must be repaired at some point in its life. Friction and damage to internal parts (bearings and seals) can cause malfunctions and leaks in the water pump. Bring your car in for Audi service today.

Timing belt & Tensioner failure

The timing belts Audi and VW don’t look like very high quality predecessors. Because of the timing belt, the crankshaft, camshaft and cylinder head rotate simultaneously. Timing belt failure can cause serious damage to the engine.

Brittle vacuum system

You are more likely to encounter brittle vacuum lines if you do not replace the vacuum hoses on your existing or future 2.7. The purpose of the vacuum system is to generate suction and supply air to the engine. Your car won’t run in case your vacuum system goes belly up.

Poor camshaft seal

The camshaft seal is located on the cylinder head of the Audi 2.7t engine. If these seals start to wear, oil may leak out of the engine, and if left untreated, this situation will never get better. The rapid wear of OEM seals is the main reason for the failure of these round seals. If you have them replaced once, they are going to last for the entire life of your vehicle.

CV boots & control arm failure

B5 S4's can have problems with the CV (Constant Velocity) boots and control arms out of the factory. This is a very common problem because they are not built to be very reliable.

Symptoms of CV Boot or Control Arm Failure:

  • Grease leak on the inside of the wheels
  • Vibrations from the axel
  • Clicking/clunking noise from the axel on turns
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Steering wandering

If you see any of the symptoms listed above, you should act quickly since these components are equally vital when it comes to transmission and steering. Bring your car in at Audi Greensboro for inspection and repair.

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