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Virlogix Hand Sanitizer With Its Non-sticky Formula
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The practice of hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses. The tradition of handwash has been a prominent one pan continent for years inestimable.

Hand washing helps physically remove microorganisms from the skin, getting rid of the live microbes which once exposed over a period of time may endanger human lives with less immunity. The soul of practising proper hand washing which includes hand cleansing, hand disinfecting, and surgical hand scrub mainly revolves around time invested in washing and the amount of soap used. In healthcare, the principle of "CLEAN HANDS ARE HEALING HANDS" bears value and demands compliance in order to prevent and control infectious processes while protecting the person from acquiring infectious diseases. According to studies, 1 in 5 people don't regularly wash their hands. Of those who do, 70% does not use soap. To be precise, washing hands without soap is much less effective anyway.


With the world under the cover of Covid-19 and more such contagious harmful viruses affecting mankind severely, an explosion of demand and popularity has rooted in the last decades for the need of an effective hand sanitizer in absence of proper handwash support system.  When it comes down to preventing the spread of contagious diseases like Covid-19, nothing beats the utility of good old-fashioned handwashing. But what happens if water and soap aren’t available? Your next best option — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that helps not just save wash-time but also to provide cleanliness and care instantly. This is where you certainly can count on Virlogix, a producer of an effective hand sanitizer natural to save the precious life!


With a minimum of 60% alcohol - as per the CDC recommendations and USFDA approval - its unique anti-viral and anti-microbial concentrations prove to be not only effective at killing germs but on reducing further growth on the surface as well. Crafted carefully with ingredients that produce multiple benefits, our hand sanitizer is as close to nature as possible. With its post-usage cooling sensation and a mild yet natural fragrance, our product gives you a satisfactory result with no anti-inflammatory reactions. Easy to carry, it comes in small, travel-size worthy pouches that are also refillable once the product runs out. 


Virlogix Hand sanitizer with its non-sticky formula is an easy solution for pure and safe hands anytime and anywhere. It does its job effectively, giving desired results in quick time. With the growing pandemic of Covid-19 globally, we make sure to provide you with a high level of protection from disease causing germs and control the spread of infections with the help of antiseptic and cleanser being used as ingredients in the process. Virlogix Hand Sanitizer gives you an everlasting strength to help protect yourself and your loved ones against the devastating effects of the virus. 


Sold in 24 pouches per box, we at Virlogix, ensure next day availability and delivery on your placing an order. Due to the rapid spread of the new Covid-19, most retailers find it impossible to keep up with the growing demand for effective hand sanitizers. Unless one has accessed to stockpiles of hand sanitizers, its likely that one will have a hard time finding it readily available at a nearby store or online right now. This is why we make ordering in bulk boxes of 500 pouches easier at completely wholesale, economical rates by managing online as well.

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Virlogix Hand Sanitizer Virlogix Hand Sanitizer
Information is out of date
Virlogix hand sanitizer is one of the premier hand sanitizer production units of SC, USA.
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Virlogix hand sanitizer is one of the premier hand sanitizer production units of SC, USA.